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Top Reasons to Do a Boudoir Shoot - From a Boudoir Photographer's Perspective

Doing a BOUDOIR shoot may seem intimidating,

but once you've done it you'll be glad you did it! Everyone signs up to do a boudoir shoot for different reasons, but overall they leave with so much more than they came for each time. Here are some of the top reasons that a Boudoir Photographer thinks that you should do a boudoir shoot.


At the beginning of most of my shoots, my clients start off shy, but by the second or third pose, the inner queen comes out and it's game over. They see their bodies and can't believe that's them! And that's just what the photos show...them. When they see themselves through my lens, they realize just how beautiful and boss they really are!

A Great Anniversary or Birthday Gift!

Have you been married for ten or twenty years? Maybe you're coming up on your first anniversary. Maybe you're just about to get married! Or maybe there's another occasion, like a birthday or holiday gift that you're in need of. Without a doubt, this is a GREAT option for your significant other! Imagine their face when they open a little black book and see YOU all over the pages. Now THAT'S a gift!

Because You're Worth IT!

Yes, doing a boudoir photoshoot could be a great gift to a significant other, but it could also be an even better gift to yourself. Your body is beautiful and you loving your body is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself. While it may not seem like something you'd do for yourself, maybe ask yourself; why? Why is a boudoir photoshoot something that you don't deserve. Everyone deserves to love themselves, just the way you are. You are fearfully and wonderfully made, different and unique to every other woman on the planet, and THAT should be celebrated!

And who wouldn't want to be pampered for a day right? Makeup done, hair done, everything did! Celebrate yourself!

So what's the real thing that's holding you back from signing up for the session of your dreams?

Is it a weight goal you're trying to achieve? Is it because you're not getting married? Is it because when you look into the mirror you don't see what you want to see? Those aren't good reasons. Self love and self care is essential, and you don't need a wedding, anniversary, weight goal to do that. Investing in yourself goes way beyond the surface and deep into your soul. Take a chance on yourself! Ask me the questions and tell me the things that you're hesitant about!


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