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Mrs. Vixen: A Bridal Boudoir Wedding Gift

This client (let’s call her Mrs. Vixen) is someone that I have known for a long time. I was so flattered and excited when Mrs. Vixen decided to do a bridal boudoir session. Her wedding was this past October and she wanted to gift this bridal boudoir session to her Fiancé.

Vixen boudoir, Dallas, Texas.  Bridal boudoir session of Mrs. Vixen

Fast forward to the moment of truth, and Mrs. Vixen sent me a heartwarming video of her groom's reaction as he opened and leafed through the bridal boudoir album. Words cannot adequately describe the look of sheer joy and astonishment on his face. It was a truly priceless moment that made all the planning and effort worthwhile. This intimate bridal boudoir album had become the ultimate wedding day gift for Mr. Vixen, a testament to their love and the extraordinary bond they share.

Bridal Boudoir photograph of Mrs. Vixen located in Dallas, Texas

I had such a fun time photographing Mrs. Vixen and hope that you enjoy some of my favorite photos from her session.


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