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Boudoir With a Lingerie Model: Paris

Embracing Confidence: A Model's Journey Through the Lingerie Photoshoot

In the world of fashion, a photoshoot can be a transformative experience, not only for photographers but also for the models who bring the designs to life. Today, we delve into the personal journey of Paris, one of the remarkable individuals who graced our recent lingerie photoshoot collaboration with Untamed Lingerie. For her, this project was not just another gig; it was an opportunity to embrace confidence, celebrate individuality, and make a statement about womanhood.

A lingerie model shot by the boudoir photographer JoAnna Moore.  This black and white lingerie boudoir photograph was shoot by the Brooklyn, New York Boudoir Photographer JoAnna Moore.

From Aspiration to Reality

Paris has always harbored a deep passion for modeling, aspiring to be a canvas for artistic expression and a voice for body positivity. When she was selected to be a part of our lingerie boudoir photoshoot, it was more than just an assignment—it was a dream coming to fruition. This opportunity was not just about showcasing exquisite lingerie but also about being part of a movement that promotes diverse beauty standards.

Breaking Stereotypes

This lingerie photoshoot is of a lingerie model showing off her stretch marks while doing a boudoir lingerie photoshoot.  This lingerie model was photographed by the boudoir photographer JoAnna Moore.

Paris is a mother, and her body bears the natural marks of motherhood—stretch marks. These marks, sometimes viewed as imperfections by society, are a testament to the incredible journey of motherhood. Paris proudly embraces her stretch marks as a part of her story and her unique beauty. She reminds us that beauty is not confined to conventional standards; it's about celebrating the stories and experiences that make us who we are.

The world of lingerie modeling has long been associated with conventional beauty standards, but Untamed Lingerie stands apart in its commitment to breaking stereotypes and celebrating every body type. Paris felt an instant connection with the brand's vision of inclusivity and self-empowerment.

A Day of Empowerment

The day of the boudoir lingerie photoshoot was a whirlwind. With seven models hired, Paris stood out by stepping into various lingerie pieces with grace and confidence, embodying the essence of each design. The shoot wasn't just about capturing beautiful images; it was about channeling inner strength and celebrating individuality.

Brooklyn based boudoir photographer JoAnna Moore shot this lingerie model for a lingerie boudoir photoshoot.

Inspiration for Others

Paris hopes that her journey in boudoir and lingerie modeling will inspire others to pursue their dreams and embrace their uniqueness. She encourages aspiring models to stay true to themselves and believe in their potential, regardless of societal standards.

A Lasting Impact

As we reflect on Paris journey through our lingerie photoshoot, we're reminded that the power of fashion extends beyond the garments. It's about the stories we tell, the confidence we inspire, and the impact we create on our community.

In the world of fashion, it's stories like Paris that remind us that every moment in front of the camera is an opportunity to embrace confidence, promote inclusivity, and make a statement about self-empowerment.

Photographer: JoAnna Moore

Model: Paris

Lingerie: Untamed Lingerie

Location: Houston, Texas


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