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  • I don't own any lingerie. Can I still do boudoir?
    Yes! Of course! You don't have to have lingerie to be sexy! I've shot boudoir sessions in shirts, robes, and even jeans! All my clients have access to my client closet, so if you wanted to try a lingerie piece on, you're more than welcome to! Another piece that always seems to work is skin! Weather it's rapped up in a sheet or not, your skin is always sexy!
  • Will my photos be posted?
    Posting your photos is your decision. If you want your photos to remain private, that is totally fine. I make sure to respect all my clients wishes regarding their photos and make sure to put it in writing so that you and I are both protected!
  • I'm not really the type of person that spends money on myself.
    I completly understand, and I don't really either to be honest. That's why I offer payment plans! I try to make the payment process as easy as possible on your budget so that you can get the full experience without breaking yout budget. These photos are a keepsake that I want you to be able to cherish for a lifetime.
  • I have stretch marks/cellulite/acne. Can you edit that?
    In some cases yes, but in some no. I do edit your photos with minor touch up and lighting changes, but I do believe in body positivity. Some examples of things I DO edit are: pimples, hair in face, razor burn, etc. Some examples of things I DON'T edit would be: making eyes larger, body manipulation, changing skin tone.
  • I don't think I can afford this
    We offer payment plans that are interest free that we can tailor to your specific needs! We want you to be able to experience this session as a keepsake that you will cherish for a lifetime!
  • I’m ready to book my session! what’s next?
    Awesome! I'm ready to meet you! Head on over to the Contact page and fill out the form! Myself, or someone from my team will reach out to you shortly!
  • Do I need to have my hair and makeup done?
    Hair & Makeup is included in every session that I offer. All you have to do is show up! Our goal is to make you feel pampered and beautiful without a csre in the world while you're with us! Please note that your hair needs to be dry upon arrival so that my HMUA will be able to style your hair.
  • Should I lose weight before my shoot?
    I get this question all the time, and the answer is both yes, and no! Your body is beautiful, and this photoshoot will showcase that REGARDLES of your weight. Some women have specific goals that they have set for themselves and celebrate by taking photos, but by NO means do you have to lose weight to feel beautiful or be sexy!
  • What if I don't like my photos?
    I've been a photogtapher for over eight years shooting boudoir is me speciality, so I have full confidence that you will fall in love with yourself through the photos, however, if for any reason you don't want your photos, you may opt out of purchasing your photos.
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